Thursday, January 15, 2009

List your home for sale now or list later?

If you are one of the Chosen Frozen living in the Inland Empire, you might be wondering just when IS the best time to put your home on the market? After a bad winter like this one, many of us who are transplants from warmer climes pack it up and leave.

Go ahead and ski right into the MLS now in this foul, miserable, razor-toting weather or wait until the beautiful, tender points of grass are pushing their refreshing green points out of the frozen tundra? This is the question!

The argument for waiting until late February or March to list is obvious. Real Estate sales are slower in winter—both because of the current state of the economy and the normal pace of the real estate business in colder areas such as the Inland Northwest. Also, it is harder to show homes because of the snow and ice. More hassle, more liability, more ugly landscaping.

If you go into MLS now, you will “be on the market a long time and people will feel you are desperate.

Yes, there are lots of reasons for waiting,


I propose these reasons are counterproductive to getting your home sold. Why?

The vast majority of people nationwide, if not world wide, start their searches on line. Right now, what do we have to do in our spare time besides shovel snow? GO ON LINE! If your home is listed with a Realtor, it is on line, you are in the mix. Most serious buyers look for several months before they buy. If you are not on line, you do not exist. Get your property visible NOW.

For those buyers who are moving now, the pickings are a bit slimmer than they will be in March and April. The fewer homes there are available, the better your chances of selling your home becomes.

Don’t worry if not that many folks show up to look. With a good tour on line (Check mine out at they are looking now.

Finally, most homes this year have a long days on market number. It has just been slow. Get your clock ticking sooner than later. Just like the lottery, you have to play to win.

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